The 4 Best Marketing Tools You’d Be Crazy Not to Use

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4 Great Marketing Tools

Let’s be real, you’re only as good as the data you have to make decisions.  I’ve been positive about what design I thought would be convert better, which messaging I knew was going to lead to more sales, and which keywords I guaranteed would skyrocket revenue. And I’ve been wrong.  The opposite has been true too, where I figured there was no way something was going to work, and lo and behold, it worked.  Bottom line, know the data and trust it, and good things will work out. In order to do this, your going to need too familiarize yourself with different marketing tools and there’re a ton out there.

Below are 4 marketing tools I use that are straight money:

SEM Rush – Optimize Your SEO

SEM Rush is a sweet tool that lets you see search volume, competitiveness, CPC’s and more for given keywords.  This is so crucial as you’re building out content for SEO, determining what keywords to bid on with SEM, and how much you should be spending to acquire those clicks.

Instapage – A/B Testing

You probably know about A/B testing and landing pages, but for those of you that don’t, it’s about time you hop on the bandwagon.  Each digital ad, whether through Facebook, Google, Display, or something else, should go to a landing page.  Instapage lets you test multiple components of each page, including the copy/messaging, imagery, location of buttons, colors, and CTAs.

Google Analytics – Measuring Your Marketing Strategy

Most companies at least have their Google Analytics set up, but be sure to be utilizing events/goals so you can measure direct attribution of different marketing channels.  Build out funnels on your website so you can see which part of the funnel needs improvement most, and to understand the bottleneck of what may be keeping sales down.

Mixpanel – Track Engagement

Man, I love Mixpanel.  Instead of Google Analytics, which provides information on sessions, Mixpanel actually tracks users.  It allows you see retention, engagement, and site usage which you can trace back to specific features or products you started selling.  This allows you to create cohorts and determine what are the most important features that your users/customers are using.  It has tremendous functionality that extends well beyond that and it’s certainly worth checking out.

There’s a ton of other great marketing tools out there, but this should help you get started.